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A site for all those seeking information about Kidney Cancer. The site is a patient and caregiver initiative, who keep it updated and will be added to as time goes along and we welcome any input from our visitors, making it a continual work in progress. Please note that the information on this site is only to be used as a guide and that any symptoms should be discussed with your medical team. All we can do is share our experiences and opinions and suggest things that people can look into and ask their medical team about. Please send you input to


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Now What?

You have just been told you have kidney cancer. After the initial shock wears off you will have some serious questions: What do I do now? What is kidney cancer? How is it treated? Am I going to die from this? Oh My God – Now What?

Take a moment and just breathe – slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth – do this a few times – regroup your thoughts. You are not alone. You have just joined the ranks of tens of thousands of people living with kidney cancer in the United States. That’s right – LIVING – and this is the key word you need to focus on right now.

Remember, we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to email your story and a photo to Warriors and we will be happy to add it on our "Warriors" page.

Please check out Pray 4 Tay. Tay was a 13 year old who in August of 2009, was diagnosed with Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma. On Tuesday, December 29th, her family was informed that her latest scans had shown 2 mets in her right lung, for which she had surgery. She is presently in Washington at the NCI, where she is undergoing a barrage of tests, as the cancer is back again, with the right lung showed 5-6 very tiny tumours and the left lung 2. If you are on Facebook, you can friend her and her Mum ... aTaylor Filorimo and Maria Filorimo

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Thank you Karen E for this description of how Kidney Cancer has affected you.

Know life will never be as it was, it is now a 'new normal'.
Intensely aware of how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally each day.
Different outlook and increased patience toward myself and others.
New friends who can share, support and really understand.
Extensive (and exhausting) new knowledge of all things carcinoma
Yearning for some days when cancer thoughts don't dominate my mind.

Completely overwhelmed.
Anger, anxiety, then acceptance.
Never-ending scanxiety.
Closeness, caring and love from/to family and friends is more easily expressed and received.
Ensuring self-care is a top priority.
Resting, relaxing and remembering 'Life is good'.

Voice for Caregivers

I am a voice, though only small for all who hold the reins
As they watch their loved ones battle with the stresses and the strains
Of a plague that lends no favours to gender or to race
That silently invades the sacred body without grace.
"Cancer" is that dreaded curse that changes lives forever
For not only the affected, but also their caregiver.

I am a voice, who through my words will bless you with some hope
For caregivers putting lives on hold and thinking they can't cope
Please take a moment now as I relay what I've been through
And at the end you'll soon find out that it's not only you
Who feels your life is overwhelmed, altered and distressed
As emotions overtake you through a phase of utmost tests.

I am a voice, to tell you, I know exactly how you feel
The constant aching in your heart is oh, so very real.
Sure, you've heard of others out there,
Maybe friends who've walked this path
But now it's you and this time you directly feel it'

... ©Debbie Andrews ... My Husbands' Cancer

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