Kidney Cancer Blogs

Ron & Kristy Richardson - Kristy's Battle with kidney cancer without insurance, very interesting journey.

Richard & Robin Johnsons' CaringBridge - Follow the journeys of Robin and Richard with their tale of both Colon Cancer and RCC.

Tay Tays' CaringBridge - August of 09, Tay Tay (14 years old) was diagnosed with Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC Cancer) .

Tales of a Papa's Girl - I started this blog to have a forum to freely talk about loosing my Dad and the horrors of cancer.

Jim Browns' Care Page - I figured it might be easier this way to keep everyone updated as it gets overwhelming at times because things are changing so fast ... you have to join Care Pages to view.

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Ken Youners' Blog Dr. Kens' Battle With Kidney Cancer - I am a retired physician fighting stage 4 kidney cancer. I diagnosed myself in Nov 2003 when I requested a CT scan because of a new left varicocele (which can be a sign of a left renal mass).

Ronald Wallace Maass Bumps In The Road - In loving memory of the most wonderful man I have ever known.

Our Life With Kidney Cancer- I am a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and kidney cancer fighter.

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David Foster's Kicking Kidney Cancer’s Arse- David Foster, shown here with his friend Gracie, was National Strategic Advisor for Morris Communications. In April 2005, Dave was diagnosed with Advanced RCC, Stage 4, the sixth deadliest cancer, behind lung, liver, and breast. He passed away on April 15, 2008, but it is worth going back to the beginning of his blog to read his story.

A Journey Of Another Kind - Hello my name is Jane. I am married to Martin with 3 children - James, Catherine and Edward. In Janurary 2007 I was diagnosed with advanced RCC. This blog was originally for my benefit, a kind of therapy, but hopefully it will increase awareness of kidney cancer and its treatment too.

Joanna Yoders' caringBridge Joanna "Jo" Yoders' CaringBridge - Jo is the 40 year old mother of two wonderful boys, Cooper (6) and Spencer (4) and the loving wife of Bill. She was recently diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma with lung metastasis.

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Cheeseburgers To Go- This was supposed to be my mindless ramblimgs. But given my recent diagnosis with cancer, this blog will be much more serious than planned.

Chris Battles' CaringBridge- My story is that I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in March 2009. After surgery I was told I was cured but really wasn't; the cancer spread to my lungs in November.

Cynthia Andersons' CaringBridge- My story began in July 2008 when I was diagnosed with Bilateral Renal Cell Carcinoma (cancer in both kidneys) on my 48th birthday.

David Pickens Blog- David has Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma that originated on his kidney and spread to his brain, lung and liver.

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David Veaseys' CaringBridge - The doctors called us in and said well, you do have a mass on your right kidney. We had no clue how devastating this monster really is.

Dennis Colemans' CaringBridge - Dennis was diagnosed on April 3, 2009 with metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (mRCC). In other words, kidney cancer that has spread, in his case to the bones.

The Irritable Middle Age Woman WITHOUT Cancer - We are just a typical normal family, except one of us has cancer.

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Jason Rodhouses' CaringBridge - By the 22nd of August, after many, many tests, Jason’s diagnosis ended up being Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma - Stage 4.

Jay Zwerlings' CaringBridge - I am Jay Zwerling, a 42 year old from NY. Since becoming a member of the Renal Cell Carcinoma family in July of ’09 I have kept my own blog.

Jill Maeders' CaringBridge - Mine is an incidental finding of Kidney Cancer and on Sept 2, 2009, I had a open partial Right lower lobe nephrecotomy.

Julie Suplees' Caringbridge - I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer) in April 2007.

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Ken Tates' CaringBridge - Ken was diagnosed with kidney cancer in February 2006 and at that time had surgery to remove his right kidney along with the 7.5 inch tumour.

Kidney Cancer Bloggers - Want to start a blog? This is a great site.

The New Life of e-Patient Dave - In 2007, supported by an extraordinary team of family, friends, and medical staff, I stomped the snot out of a nasty cancer that was on its way to killing me.

Muttering Fool Dot Com - I'm short, round, tattooed, pierced, cancer surviving, writing all the time, crazy lady, living in the middle of nowhere.

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My Battle With Kidney Cancer - Rick was a true warrior and we miss his great support.

My Husbands' Cancer - Now as we begin 2010, my husband continues to be our miracle, after first being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2006.

My Kidney Cancer Blog - On October 1 of 2009, I was officially diagnosed with kidney cancer.

One Silly Mama - Okay, so maybe you didn't call it a cancer journey but you know what I mean...

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Rcc Win The Fight - Win The Fight - those were the first words we said when Geoff & I heard he had cancer.

Save The Beans - Yeah, 2007 sucked. My husband and Iseparated in June, my house needed a new roof, Ifound black mould in my bathroom and had to rip out all the drywall and redo it, I was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer.

Sue Guenthers' CaringBridge - Cancer has been a formidable challenge for the past 5 years. But in many ways, it has also been a blessing.

Ted Jarvais' CaringBridge - Ted's battle against RCC, medically known as Renal Cell Carcinoma and known to our family as Really Crappy Cancer.

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The Enemy Returns - The story of a 30-something academic living in New Hampshire battling metastatic kidney cancer. Father of 3, married, and planning on kicking this disease’s ass.

The McComes - Unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with Kindney Cancer (mRCC) stage IV in September 08.

The Wrighty Way - In May 2009 Steve was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer or as he puts it “A nuisance but at least it is during the summer and I have the ashes and golf to watch!”!

Warren Lewis' CaringBridge - On August 31, 2006 we heard the news which will forever have changed our lives. Warren had a grapefruit sized tumour on his right kidney.

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