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Redden Crisp


My journey started in early 2004 when I went for a routine physical and complaints of possible prostate problems. Blood test results warranted a CT scan which revealed kidney cancer. In July 2004, I had a nephrectomy to remove 1 kidney. After I fully recovered and as there was no need for chemo or any treatments, I felt I had dodged the bullet and complaints of prostate problems had saved my life.

After 5 years NED, the kidney cancer had returned. Once again, complaints of prostate problems saved my life. During a physical and a routine CT scan of my kidney, a spot on my lung was noticed. A CT scan of the chest revealed 2 spots, 1 on each lung. Faced with the possibility of cancer again, I had thoratic surgery in January 2010, to have the 2 spots removed. Biopsy revealed it was RCC that had metastised to the lungs. Now I am labeled stage 4, grade 3 metastatic kidney cancer. From now on, it will be more frequent CT scans. I am very fortunate to have the best medical care one could ask for at Kasier. Married to my best friend and biggest supporter, Karen for 29 years.

Sonya Dalton-Salahuddin

I am a kidney cancer warrior. I was diagnosed in May 2009 and had my left kidney removed a week later, after scans were viewed. It was renal cell stage T1b, grade 3. I deal with the knowledge that this stranger invaded my space like a thief in the night, on a daily basis. I feel guilty that I worry so much, even though I have not had the same experience as others who deal with so much more, but I just am trying to deal with the whole notion of "cancer" in me, period. I work at MDAnderson Cancer Center, which is a blessing, but sometimes a curse also, because I am privy to many who are dealing with RCC and its a constant reminder as well.

My prayer is that cancer be eliminated all together and in the meanwhile, that new discoveries and research make it easier for us to fight the battles that come with a greater strength, faith and renewed hope for the future.
May we all receive what we need and not what we wish for from the
Merciful hand of our Lord.




My Life is Good tattoo that I had done on the inside of my left wrist when I got to my 1-year NED date. Each flower and leaf represents someone or some group of very special people in my cancer journey.

Karen Eagleson

I was diagnosed at age 51, by accident, as many kidney cancer patients are. I had no symptoms. I was having my blood tested every 6 months due to blood pressure and cholesterol medications I was on. When a test came back as slightly out of 'normal' range in May 2008, my family doctor ordered a 'baseline' ultrasound of my liver/kidneys just to see what kind of shape they were in, since I'd been on the meds for 15 years. That ultrasound wasn't 'urgent' so my appointment wasn't scheduled until September 11, 2008. The spring and summer passed normally, golf season, vacations, no symptoms or health issues.

Then the bottom of my world dropped out on Sept 11. A dozen days later, Sept 23, I was having a radical open left nephrectomy and spent 7 days in hospital. A week later the pathology results were back. My left kidney had been 'obliterated' by a 'massive' 15mmx10mm tumour. Stage T3, clear cell, grade 3. Thankfully and unbelieveably, no mets, clear lymph nodes. All visible cancer had been removed.

4 weeks post-op, in late October, a follow up catscan found a mass in my left ovary. November 6, 2008 another week in hospital, both ovaries removed and more waiting for pathology. Instant menopause! Again, thankfully and unbelieveably, the growth was a benign tumour, not an RCC met.

4 weeks post-2nd op, December 15, 2008, I joined the Assure clinical trial. A few short days later I discontinued the meds due to severe side effects. By time I was able to review the issues with my oncologist, unfortunately I was beyond the allowable window of time to re-start the trial. I was devastated and tumbled into a severe and prolonged depression.

Here we are now, March 2010 and I continue to be 'NED' (no visible evidence of disease). I still get chest, abdomen & pelvis catscans, with contrast, every 3 months and will until this fall. If still NED by fall (which I will be! decision made!), I believe my oncologist will switch my scans to every 4 or 6 months. For me, the anxiety and depression have been far harder to deal with than the recovery from surgeries. But luckily I continue to get excellent care at our local Cancer Centres and I have fabulous support from my husband, daughters, family, friends and fellow RCC warriors.

When I was told 'you have kidney cancer', it was the first time I learned that kidney cancer existed. I had lost my father to brain cancer, friends and family to breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, but I had never heard of kidney cancer. My first thought was that, having cancer in a major organ that filters life through my body, must mean that I would die from it, likely in a very short time. But here I am, 18 months later, still getting 'clear' scans and learning how to enjoy all of my days. I appreciate my good health far more than I ever did before. I may never be 'out of the woods', but each day is a blessing and I am grateful for all that RCC has taught me and brought me. Life is Good.

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Mike Cashman

This is my husband Mike. He has been an RCC Warrior since November of 2003. He had no symptoms of RCC until one day he presented with blood in his urine. One week later we got the diagnosis that changed out lives forever. We were suddenly thrust into a world we could not have ever imagined. After getting a second opinion (please do this!) we traveled to NYC for his surgery. The end result: a 12 cm tumor, Stage 2 Grade 11, clear cell RCC. We have been truly blessed since then with clean scans and a wonderful oncologist to follow up with. We are down to scans every year now, and although we grow more confident as each years passes, scan days continue to be just as hard as they were those first years. We know the reality that this disease can return at anytime unlike some other cancers. We pray for continued luck! NED since December 5th 2003 when that tumor was removed. We hope that our story gives the newly diagnosed hope!
Walk for life

Jay Z

"Hi, I am Jay Z (not that Jay Z) and I was diagnosed July '09 during my first week of training for my 2nd marathon with a 10 cm tumor on my left kidney (originally Stage T3a, Grade 3, clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma, with suspected lung mets). In Nov' 09 at my post nephrectomy CT scan lung metastis in both lungs were confimed and at least one lymph node. RCC is my new marathon of life and I intend to make it an ultra marathon as I battle it for many years to come. We are all a family now linked by RCC, while I
would have preferred to have never receive such a diagnosis, I am honored to have met so many brave warriors and caregivers, and honored to be counted as family with them in this battle. For more information about me, check out my under the blogs tab."


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Frank was diagnosed in Spring of 2008 with hemorrhaging tumour on his left kidney – Grade 3 clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma, less than 5cm in size. No other cancer found at the time of the radical nephrectomy. On a routine follow-up CT nodes were discovered in the bottom portion of his lungs, by sheer “luck” as all follow-up CTs had been done on his abdomen, but this one “caught” the bottom 1/3 of his lungs in the image. Subsequent needle biopsy confirmed RCC metastasized to his lungs in 4-5 small nodes (less than 2 cm) and enlarged lymph nodes outside lung. Frank has completed first round of High Dose Interleukin 2 and waits for CTs in early April to confirm success of IL2.


Karen Quinlin

I am a 9 year survivor of stage 3tb Renal Cell Carcinoma.
I currently have no evidence of disease (NED) and have been so since my surgery on January 16th, 2001. It was quite shocking to hear this diagnosis after only experiencing ... what turned out to be recognizable symptoms ... for 5 days previous. I immediately changed my eating habits to fresh, unprocessed foods as I began my search for the "right" Doctor. I have just begun to feel "safe" again in the last couple of years ... but not too safe ... just enough so I have hope that it won't return, but enough fear still to keep me going for my yearly exams! I feel very blessed that I am a survivor. It changes how you relate to others who have had cancer of any kind, instant friendship in most cases, a common bond.

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Tracey Hibbler

Hi, I am 29 a full time student, wife and mother. My husband Ryan and two
children, Devin who is 7 and Amelia who is 5 are my cheerleaders ... last year
I was living life and looking forward to the future ... until May 14, 2009, the
day I heard the words, "You have cancer". Now each day is filled with worry and concern for my next scan and the 10 inch scar across my abdomen is a
reminder everyday of just how precious my life really is. I want everyone
who is here to know that you are not alone ... we are only given what we can
handle, so if you are dealt this hand well then you are so strong only you
can carry this burden.

Jeff Newman

Married to Chrissy, Dad to Cath, Susan and Gail, Step Dad to Kirsty and Shelley, Granddad to 7 beautiful girls.
Dx from flank pain and hematuria in May 1996. with involvement into the Inferiour Vena Cava.
June 1996
Radical Nephrectomy with the IVC scraped of its thrombus. Stage 3TB NO. MO. Promoted to Stage 4 in Dec 2003 with the removal of left lung met, wedge resection by a thorocotamy. NED till 2009, then another relapse, 2 more surgeries to remove 3 more lung mets (1 in the right, VAT procedure and 2 in the left By thorocotamy). Planning on staying NED!

Since this post my beautiful darling wife Chrissy who has cared for me
for over 14yrs with this disease and been by my side for 18yrs.
Sadly and tragically passed away, 21st August 2010 from Metastatic Esophageal Cancer after her own battle lasting 2 ½ yrs. .She is a true warrior and will be sorely missed by this community

2012. This nasty beast has a habit of poking its nose in and yes again I have another 3 small tumours in my lungs but they have been stable for over two yrs now, I have changed my diet to mainly being a vegetarian, also meditate and give myself Reiki treatments.
I will beat this nasty disease or die trying.

Tribute To My Darling

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Kristy Richardson

I am married to my best friend, Ron – and mom to Nick and Jesse. I also have kidney cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma – RCC). My journey began on October 24th, 2007. Uninsured – Denied Medicaid and Disability for lack of a Pathology Report – No surgery – No treatment –
just wait and watch and drive myself nuts.

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